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If you take a meander round my Home page, there is a list of new postings, mostly listed under ‘Blog’. This is hardly a blog in the usual sense, as I don’t have either the time or inclination to update the world on the my daily doings. That way lies madness and dullness in equal measure. Think of this blog as one side of a conversation. One of the best ways to pass the time is to lean on a gate with a friend, gaze out across the countryside, listen to the birds, and chat quietly about the view, the sounds and smells, life in general. The need to earn a living and all of those other tedious pressures make gate-leaning a rare indulgence, so this blog serves the purpose, a chance to ramble amiably over hill, vale and irrelevant digression. And if you care to leave a comment, or a link to another blog, the conversation can continue…

Links to the last few blog entries are below. Just click on the title that takes your fancy.

Useful advice for newbie zooarchaeologists

Maddie Prior, Earworms and Cheesecake

On the Isle of Skye



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