Terry O'Connor



Congratulations! By whatever means, you have managed to stumble upon the WordPress site managed (sic) by Terry O’Connor.


I am a recently-retired university academic, resident in Wharfedale, one of the nicer parts of Yorkshire, in northern England. I have my likes and dislikes, and this site will tend to reflect them. The likes include ambling around the countryside, pottering in the garden, listening to music (classical or jazz – heavy metal fans, you are in the wrong place) and watching whatever wildlife happens to come along. Dislikes include disingenuous politicians, celery, muzak and social pretension.

The purpose of this website is to give me a modest existence on the web, and somewhere to share thoughts and images that are too long for Twitter. The whole thing began as a rather infrequent blog, which can still be found under the tag ‘Blog’. Other pages are similarly logically-labelled.

If you prefer bite-sized morsels, I tweet at @osteoconnor.

And if you are moved to respond, comment or condemn, try emailing osteoconnor [at] gmail.com.


Nice photo of the River Wharfe. Pity about the foreground